Functional Speed Training – Vector Ball – Cognitive Vision Exercises


This downloadable e-book consists of 8 exercises with the Vector Ball.

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A functional speed training developed by Jesse Caron.  This downloadable e-book consists of 8 exercises with the Vector Ball. Cognitive vision exercises are essential to become fater in sports that require processing visual information in to actions. Athletes need to make fast decisions based on what they see e.g. moving left, right or straight forward. The ability to see, recognize and exploit visual information quicker and more accurate than your opponent gives you an headstart. The Vector Ball emits a short burst of light, randomly chaning the color of the ball (red, green or blue) each time it is struck, bounced or caught. This provides athletes with unpredictable visual information, the following exercises give you an example of actions but feel free to invent and create your own!

If you want to get faster, your training program should consist of more than just pulling sprints back and forth. For developing functional speed, physical speed is only one of the many elements, it is much more about the technical level and therefore the actual quality of the physical elements as speed, strength, agility and endurance. The aim of this functional training is therefore primarily to improve the movement technique, read; The correct execution of the specific exercises / movements. The specified physical aspects are developed simultaneously. The illustrated and described exercises intend to inform the reader about the technically correct implementation of these exercises.


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