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JesseCaron.com heeft zichzelf verrijkt met KBands ‘Leg Resistance Bands’, deze weerstandsbanden tussen de bovenbenen zullen worden ingezet bij de functionele looptrainingen t.b.v. het ontwikkelen van flexibiliteit, stabiliteit, kracht, coördinatie, reactiviteit, explosiviteit, wendbaarheid en snelheid.

Kinetic bands Leg Resistance Bands are a great training tool for athletes of all ages. With two different size kits youth as well as advanced users will find the right level of resistance. The body’s legs are what help burn calories and the tools athletes use to excel in sports. Resistance training has been used to strengthen leg muscles for decades, but never before has there been something so convenient as Kbands. Simply wrap each leg resistance band around your legs and clip the two resistance bands together and your leg muscles will begin to fire. Every movement, whether it be isolated toning exercises or explosive sprint training drills, Kbands Leg Resistance Bands have been proven to give you results fast. Get Started With Kbands Today.

Increase Speed, Agility and Vertical Leap
Run faster with enhanced muscle recruitment
Build a more powerful leg drive
Develop leg strength and quickness

Enhace Weight Loss and Toning
Elevated heart rate with normal exercise.
Leg Strength & Toning
Maximize body weight workouts.

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